Wrapping up

Feel as though am riding a roller coaster in slow motion. There seem to be a lot of things to do, but feel as though am getting absolutely nothing done. Have to go to Baker Victory later for physical, where am going to get a mandatory tuberculosis vaccine, even though was vaccinated at birth and age twelve. It’s no secret that am deathly terrified of injections, and have never forgotten how much the BCG shot hurt ten years ago. And apparently this company has to give a tuberculosis shot every year; will never have to be afraid of becoming a consumptive.

Have first choir rehearsal today at 4PM. Am looking through the music for the first time today, and it’s not difficult, but there’s a lot of it. Professor Rosenbaum wants to work on this and nothing else for the next two weeks. Am missing tomorrow’s rehearsal because will be in LA, and will be missing the last Wednesday rehearsal because will already be in Manhattan. So will have to be sure to learn this on own accord too.

Tomorrow’s flight to LA will be at 6:40AM. Will have to get up before the crack of dawn and truck it to the airport by 5:40AM; the mans will have to wake up even earlier than usual to drive me to the airport, God love him. Am supposed to arrive in LA at about 11AM PST, and Giovanni has promised to pick me up. Am staying at the Budget Inn in San Gabriel, so will not have to bunk with anyone and make self a nuisance.

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