What makes the woman?

Over the past month have come to realize that am given to little idiosyncrasies that seem to have become uncomfortably glaring. Will not, obviously, claim all credit for realizing it all on own accord, as some of them were pointed out by one or two people.

1. I tend to say, “No?” at the end of questions: “Johns is arriving around the same time, no?” Jeremy has professed to have picked up this habit of late.

2. I tilt my head to one side and raise my left eyebrow when asking questions, thus making my already-skeptical look even more profound.

3. I sniff and clear my throat a lot. I blame the weather and Pitches.

4. I drawl when I’m mid-sentence and trying to think of what to say: “Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, I think soooooooooooooooo…”

5. I laugh a lot. Either because I gravitate towards the people who make me laugh, or because lately I’ve actually regained any reason to laugh at all.

6. Never mind what happens to me. The shoes come first. According to Jeremy, “most people are afraid of what their shoes will do to their feet. You’re afraid of what the sidewalk will do to your shoes!”

7. I’m cranky until fed. And the Chocolate Bar’s Belgian chocolate mousse cake gives me my sugar high. (“Cake and fondue; I hope you’re happy now!” – Cy)

8. On a good day I have sex hair. On a bad day I might as well have no hair. Obviously the good days are far and few between.

9. Where I once depended on Gap Body for the top and Victoria’s Secret for the bottom, they’ve now switched roles, probably because Victoria’s Secret has finally invented a bra that fits. That being said, my underwear collection has been growing even more rapidly than usual, either because of Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale, or because I’m subconsciously preparing for the lack of well-fitting undergarments back home.

10. I finally understand it is sod’s law — lawrus sodimus — that the one time I take something for granted, such as not carrying my passport for a domestic flight or not having a matching set of ___________________, will be the one time I need it the most.

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