broken mirror

“You did the right thing… That’s more than something, that’s everything. That’s what saves you in the end. You do the wrong thing, then you’re done… By the time you realize how far down that path you are, you’re lost. Everything is unrecognizable, you are unrecognizable to yourself. Doing things you never thought you’d do, in ways you never thought you’d do them, to save things you’re not even sure you want to save, but you can’t help it. That’s when you’re done.” – Olivia Pope

When you look back at everything you’ve said and done in this lifetime, will you be able to recognize yourself? Will you be happy with the person you’ve shown yourself to be — the kind of person who stalks people, who airs their dirty laundry to anyone who would listen, who hacks into people’s emails, who drags unwilling participants into your own mess? Will you be proud of the examples you’ve set for others, especially your kids, who looked to you to show them the right way to live? Will you be content looking at the reflection you see in the mirror, no matter how hideous it may be?

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