Trying to prioritize

This past weekend was a good one. Became productive and actually cleaned the entire house on Saturday, and got the laundry done — although in all honesty it was the mans did the laundry as he somehow didn’t see fit to wake me up to do it too — all in one afternoon. Then went for Maddi’s birthday party on Saturday night, which was pretty fun, as Shannyn and Aziza were there, and so were Ryan, Danny and PJ from the Chips.

Had Pitches rehearsal yesterday, which was rather pleasant for once because nobody was being stupid and bossy. Managed to learn a brand-new song, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, in a half-hour yesterday, which was a record because last semester it took weeks and weeks to learn new songs. Also had rehearsal today, which went relatively well except that the stupid and bossy people were there this time. But all in all, we’re finally doing something worthwhile in rehearsal besides just fucking around and being neanderthals.

In an extremely bad case of procrastination, have not really begun to look for jobs yet, which is very bad as is already October, and am determined to get a job by February so that am able to apply for the H-1 visa in April if am even harboring the remotest thought of staying in this country after graduation. Am applying for OPT (Optional Practical Training) status this week, so at least that’s out of the way. But first have simply got to get off the lazy behind and get the damn résumè critiqued for the last time.

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