Has been relatively productive week. Have packed up a lot of things in the house, and have moved about a quarter of belongings to Copley. Yesterday the mans took apart the bed frame, which will not be using anymore, so am now just sleeping on the mattress on the floor, which doesn’t matter really. The bedroom is now half empty, which looks really weird because it hasn’t looked like this in nearly two years.

Cannot wait to be out of this place. Will keep moving things bit by bit this week, and on May 30 will be moving the desk, mattress, bookshelf, dresser and other big pieces of furniture, and hopefully that’ll be the last of it. Have gotten cleaners to come and clean out the apartment on May 31, and after that just need to turn in the keys and be out of here!

Had first summer class yesterday. It was excruciating to sit there from 6:30PM to 9PM, but thankfully the PhD student teaching it has a sense of humor, which makes it more bearable. Have also got to start working with COM489 TA Ben on his research, which counts as Independent Study. It’s not a very fun summer so far.

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