Toughening up

The weekend has come and gone, and it’s back to work tomorrow. The first week of training is, thankfully, over, with two more weeks to go. Has been tiring, as waking up at dawn and driving in hail and snow all the way to bloody Lackawanna to sit and listen to people talk and talk for eight hours a day is enough to wring a person’s nerves taut. This coming week will be learning Therapeutic Crisis Intervention a.k.a. physical restraints, in case the kids start fighting. Next week will be observing at designated houses, and after February 23 the real work will start.

Have been assigned to Nelson Cottage, which is where the ‘juvenile delinquents’ are housed, and will be working from Sunday to Wednesday. On weekdays will start work at 2:30PM until as late as midnight, and on Sunday will be at the house the entire day, from morning to midnight, because the kids won’t be at school. Was able to meet the boys at Nelson on Friday, and fortunately, they’re more or less normal, as they were just sent to Baker Victory by the courts for petty crimes.

The unfortunate part is that will not be able to stay out till too late on Saturdays anymore, as will have to be at work by 9AM or 10:30AM on Sunday morning. The only good thing about this is that on weekends most of the kids go home, so the house will be quieter on Sunday and will not be running around too much.

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