Touching base

Have finally gained access to the Internet. Am currently in the living room of co-actor Steven, who plays the man am supposed to seduce, San Gabriel, California. Have been here since noon, just waiting to be called in for filming.

The flight from Buffalo on Thursday morning was 40 minutes late, which resulted in almost missing the connecting flight to L.A. from Cincinnati, Ohio. Arrived in L.A. at about 11:20AM, where was picked up by Giovanni. Will forever be grateful that had not moved to L.A. after all, as am used to the traffic — or lack thereof — in Buffalo, and would not have had the patience for the awful traffic in L.A. After getting to the Budget Inn, Giovanni went off for a job interview, and after he was done he came back to pick me up to meet Yuh Wen, the other actress for this movie, and go to The Grove, a mall in Downtown Hollywood, to look for outfits for the movie.

Then went back to Hollywood and Beverly Hills yesterday, and spent the entire day walking, which resulted in a blister on each heel, and hopefully some weight loss. Am officially in love with Rodeo Drive now.

Am going to have lunch now, and after that will be time to start filming. God speed.

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