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I don’t know if it was the rain which prevented my brakes from locking in, or the speed at which I was going, or the fact that I was going downhill. It was most likely all three factors.

In the four and a half years I spent driving in Buffalo, my biggest fear was that whenever my car spun in the sleet and snow, it would end up spinning into something, or worse, someone. Miraculously, never once did that happen, and I never stopped thanking God for it, considering the fact that my car did a good many pirouettes in the snow.

I suppose the accidents had to wait until I was back in this country and driving in the rain. Whatever the reason, my poor, poor beloved car has been rendered indisposed for quite a few weeks. Thank God the car I hit, and the car it subsequently hit in front, were only dented. And it was also probably a good thing their owners weren’t Chinese, or they would have cursed me into oblivion for bringing this upon them so close to Chinese New Year (as though I weren’t cursed enough already). And if they had been Chinese, they wouldn’t have had to bother cursing me; I was already wishing I’d been thrown through the windshield.

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