'Tis the season

Cannot believe that Christmas is so fast approaching. It seems like no time at all since was spending the last Christmas in Pittsburg, in an attempt to get away from dreary old Buffalo. This is the worst time to be running around on the streets (i.e. in the car, obviously), because most of the time is spent fighting traffic and finding a parking space, only to be elbowed and shoved and hustled along by understandably harassed, but unjustifiably uncivilized, shoppers. The holiday season has always been the most aggravating time of the year for self — probably because Christmas has not been a significant part of life since setting foot in Buffalo — and every year the list of holiday pet peeves refuses to grow shorter.

1. We know you’re trying to get somewhere. We’re all trying to get somewhere, whether or not it has anything to do with holiday shopping/preparations. So STOP trying to squeeze your car in front of every other car; traffic’s already bad enough as it is.

2. Everyone’s trying to find a parking space. Fingers, curses and dirty looks won’t help you now, so don’t hate just because someone else got there first.

3. There’s only one size left in that top you want, and unfortunately it’s not yours. Get over it. Don’t take your frustrations out on other people by stampeding around the store, thus sending people toppling into racks of clothes.

4. You’re not the only one in line. If you must bitch about the woman four places in front of you, keep your bloody voice down.

5. Again, you’re not the only one in line. Asking the staff what’s taking so long won’t get you anywhere; in fact, you bloody well deserve it if the cashier deliberately moves at snail’s pace when it’s your turn to pay.

Will be the last Christmas in Buffalo, and indeed, in this country. Was alone for the first Christmas, so it seems strangely fitting to be alone for the last one as well. It will be a very quiet one, which will probably be a nice change. Am not going to leave the house until the madness has died down, and am not going to shop until am in Manhattan.

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