Times is hard

And things are changing
I pray to God that we can remain the same
But all I’m trying to say is that our love don’t have to change
John Legend, It Don’t Have To Change –

Have just come home from the 2nd Annual Chips & Pitches Dinner at the Chips’ house. There was an obscene amount of food, and everyone except Melissa, Shaina and Dan was there. After dinner everyone wanted to sing, and all went well until the Chips started singing one of their newest songs, John Legend’s It Don’t Have To Change. In all the years that have known and heard the Chips, this was the first song that had ever evoked any form of emotion in self, and had actually teared up when the Chips debuted this song at their latest Fall Jam concert. And when they started singing it after dinner, found self thinking about all the time that have spent in Buffalo and the impending departure home, and, to utmost mortification, actually started crying in front of everyone, which promptly made Aziza and Saralin cry too. Apparently the tears still refuse to stop.
December 27 marks the fourth year in Buffalo. Four years. They’ve been the most difficult four years so far, but also the best, because being away from home has taught self to grow up more quickly than would ever have been possible, and that in turn has helped make dealing with hard times a little more bearable. Being in the Pitches has definitely been the brightest spot in all the time spent in Buffalo, and would be the one thing that would be missed the most when am gone. As much as am trying to be good about having to go home in a mere five months, there are times when the thought of leaving behind the life and the friends that have come to love so much becomes intolerable.

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