Thrown together

Earlier this month, I was a dulang girl (bridesmaid) for an ex-colleague who got married. It was one of those small budget weddings where everything and everyone was kind of thrown together to make the day happen. Much like the relationship itself, the wedding seemed an almost happenstance affair, but doing it with friends did help to make it fun.

It was also the first akad nikah (solemnization ceremony) I had ever attended wearing a proper — or as close to one as I could get — hijab. The ceremony was held at a mosque in Shah Alam, so everyone had to swaddle their heads and hope for the best. It didn’t help at all that I’m generally a claustrophobic person, but swaddle I did and tried to make the best of a bad job.

natasyahrizan 003

The equally happenstance evening reception was a bit of an eye-opener. Over the years, I’ve grown accustomed to attending wedding receptions in giant hotel ballrooms amidst ostentatious floral monstrosities, so it was a nice change to not have to be all trussed up in an evening gown or bejeweled baju kurung for the sake of photos. I was in one of the most comfortable wedding getups I’d worn in a long time, which was something I made sure of because I knew I would have to sing at some point during the reception.

With Yen Tyng's son, Seth, who will never know how much he helped with my stage fright

With Yen Tyng’s son, Seth, who will never know how much he helped with my stage fright

That’s right. I sang at Nat’s wedding. I, who have not performed in public in probably close to two years, had to get up there and gave Ruth Sahanaya a run for her money. It also made one of the biggest distinctions between a casual budget wedding and a formal reception: throughout the entire performance, the guests were walking all over the place in front of me, while their undisciplined children ran around my ankles. Nevertheless, it felt good to jumpstart the pipes, as I haven’t sung at a wedding in a while, and it’s always better to sing for a crowd of whom I only know about 3%.

natasyahrizan 001

natasyahrizan 002

Congratulations, Natasya and Syahrizan! May the randomness of your relationship be the secret that everyone wants to learn.

And now I leave you with half of what was the only form of entertainment for the night:


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