Through the window

Seville, Andalucía, Spain Europe backpacking trip July 2005

Real Alcázar de Sevilla
Seville, Andalucía, Spain
Europe backpacking trip
Summer 2005

I’ve been feeling a strong inclination towards all things Spanish of late, probably because of my plans for next year. Looking through my old photos makes me all the more excited for things to come, even though the reason for said things is a tragic one.

They say that when the Lord closes a door, He opens a window somewhere else. But no one thought to mention that even in such dire straits, there still remains a choice between spreading our wings and soaring high into the sky, or closing our eyes and just falling headfirst to the ground below. No one warned that when that window opens, whichever option we go for would be absolute, irreversible and beyond reprieve. No one said how appealing both options can be.

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