Think happy thoughts

Midway into my second week back at work after my two-week break, I realize I’ve become more intolerant than ever towards the little idiosyncracies that run rampant around this place. I remember making up my mind to come back to work a nicer, calmer, happier person, thinking that two weeks away from the office would help to clear my head and put things into perspective as far as the job and my way of handling it were concerned. Apparently it didn’t work.

It didn’t help that I came back to work with a sense of loss hanging over my head, which became a bit of a distraction and affected my spirits. It also didn’t help when I realized certain things hadn’t been done while I was away, simply because nobody else could bear to do them, which left me saddled with work that was overdue.

Needless to say, my morale has been at quite an alarming low for the last nine days; I’ve been so angry ever since I came back to work that it’s become terribly unhealthy. This needs to stop soon; I need to remember that there are those who can’t help being stupid or lazy, and I just need to shut them out completely and do what I’m here to do, because if nothing else, this will only help me learn that much more and it will work to my own benefit in the end… right?

It’s time to take a big breath and retreat into the happy place now.

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