White noise

white noise

Sometimes it’s difficult listening to people give advice, especially when they’ve heard our problems and are doling out their own analysis of the situation(s). The sympathetic ones tell us what they know we want to hear. The candid ones tell us precisely what they think, whether we like to hear it or not. And more often than not, we end up taking more heed of what the latter has to say, and eventually, we start to see the picture they’ve painted for us and concur that what they say is completely valid.

But is it accurate? Granted in our vulnerable state we open up our minds to everything that everyone has to say, but how much stock can we put in it? And even if we find ourselves agreeing with what they say, are we being swayed by their words because of our vulnerability? Or are their words simply shedding an all-too-harsh light on the reality that we’ve shunned all this while? Is our view of the way things are becoming distorted because of what we have heard, or did we have a completely preconceived notion of the situation in the first place, and we’re only beginning to see it for what it is now?

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