The Second King

We finally got Offa a friend.

Months ago we started entertaining the idea of getting another cat to keep Offa company, because we knew he probably felt bored or lonely especially when we were out of the house all day. At the time, he was showing signs of being territorial and unwelcoming towards other cats that happened to wander onto our balcony or outside the front door, so any plans to have another cat had to be shelved.

Recently we started thinking about a second cat again, and were on the verge of going to the SPCA or PAWS to look into adopting one. But then, on Saturday, I got a call telling me about two Scottish Fold kittens — brothers — who were up for adoption, so I took one. And that was how Costa came to live with us.

My Scottish Fold, Costa, short for Constantine. Taken with BlackBerry Bold 9780

At only three months and six days old, Costa — short for Constantine, a name I decided on after reading about the ancient high kings of Scotland — is the tiniest, skinniest bundle of energy. His build, the shape of his face and his markings make him look a little bit like a giraffe, so I hope he will fill out soon and gain some weight. While it was no trouble getting him accustomed to his surroundings, the biggest surprise was Offa.

I was initially terrified that Offa would not like this new addition, and was hesitant about putting the two of them together in the living room. And indeed, he started off a little apprehensive, especially when Costa decided to take one of Offa’s furry toys for his own, and when Costa started exploring places in the house that Offa has staked out for himself. It was also a bit of a chore having to take care of Costa and make sure that Offa knew we weren’t abandoning or punishing him by taking in a new kitten.

The first meeting. Taken with BlackBerry Bold 9780

But thankfully they’re both only almost exactly a year apart, because barely two days later, Offa appears to have more or less accepted that Costa will be with us from now on, and started playing with him a little more last night. I suppose it’s a little difficult for him to resist a kitten who walks right up to him to lick him on the nose.

Having Offa has made it much easier for me to know what to expect with Costa, even if he is so much younger. I’m realizing now more than ever that having a cat is not unlike having a child, as my mother has so smugly pointed out many times. And now that I have two cats, plus a boyfriend and a brother all living under one roof, it’s rather like having four children *, I’m happy to stop here. It’s enough for me to have one cat lying on my chest every morning and a new kitten clinging to my neck all day.

And kneading everything in sight, if he had it his way:

* Yes, living with men is like having children, and I dare anyone to say otherwise.

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