The season so far

Fall (OK, well, practically winter) is here, and along with it the new TV series season. With this season well underway (and hopefully without any interruptions brought about by strikes), I thought it’s time to post my own little reviews of the shows I watch. This also helps me keep track of what goes on in each show because I watch a fair few and I have to watch the episodes more than once so that I don’t get the plots confused.

Gossip Girl: Season 2
Monday, The CW

Amazing season so far. New friendships, new directions, new loves. The characters are vastly different now and far from where they were in the first season. Where the rich were rich and the poor were poor, the rich are now poor — in a manner of speaking — and the poor are… well… coming into their own. And *sigh* New York…

Dirty Sexy Money: Season 2
Wednesday, ABC

I’m so glad this didn’t get canned. This is the show that I wish wouldn’t take so damn long to download every week. The season has been one cliffhanger after another so far, and I’ve almost forgotten that one of the characters has been MIA since the beginning of the season. And it’s another show that makes me miss New York all the more.

Ugly Betty: Season 3
Thursday, ABC

To be completely honest, even though I love this show, it seems to have slowed down a little. I don’t know if it’s because the writers don’t know how else to let Wilhemina Slater take over Mode magazine, or because they don’t know what else Betty can do in her never-ending crusade to ensure Daniel Meade remains in his position, but they need to get off his plateau soon.

Grey’s Anatomy: Season 5
Thursday, ABC

Four words: Hot new trauma surgeon. Thank God the writers didn’t bring in a replacement for the Head of Neonatal Surgery, as they did for the Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery last season; instead they introduced a whole new specialty altogether, by bringing in a new Head of Trauma Surgery. Excellent writing this season. Some people are finally where they should be (and I’m not necessarily talking about Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey here), and some people are… exploring new grounds. And hopefully others will get to where they need to be by the end of the season.

CSI: Season 9
Thursday, CBS

I’m extremely sad that Gary Dourdan is no longer on the show; I suppose the bad publicity rubbed CBS the wrong way, which might be why his character was taken out the way it was. After all these years, I’ve always wondered how they keep coming up with new and different cases every week, which is probably the main reason I’m still watching this show — to see how much more there can possibly be. It still hasn’t disappointed me, though, and I still love the main characters too much to stop watching.

Brothers & Sisters: Season 3
Sunday, ABC

I’ve always been torn between envy and irritation at the way the Walker clan functions: meddlesome, judgmental, opinionated, and ultimately there for one another all the way. With the prospect of yet another illegitimate sibling somewhere in the town of Bakersfield, an impending adoption, and a feud between companies that transcends simple childhood rivalry, this season has been extremely entertaining so far.

Desperate Housewives: Season 5
Sunday, ABC

What a difference five years make. A former supermodel who hasn’t shed the weight after two babies, a homemaker who now runs an extremely successful business, a housewife who lost the love of her life and is now hooking up with her painter, and a former advertising executive who now helps her husband run a pizzeria and deals with his mid-life crises. Enough said. Oh, and a creepy new husband who looks like a Ken doll possessed.

A great season so far.

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