The pattern

Carrie: Could you at least separate the two thoughts: chemical peel, Carrie’s publicist? Why did you do this?
Samantha: It was an impulse purchase.
Carrie: No, gum is an impulse purchase. This is more than gum!

Sex & the City

Yesterday I realized that I have a pattern. When something (significantly) bad happens, I go out and get a tattoo, which is no wonder I got four in 2007 a.k.a the Year From Hell. It’s not exactly an impulse purchase, but apparently I need a catastrophe to make me stop sitting on it and actually get it. So maybe the basis of it is that I use the physical pain to override the emotional pain, and in a strange way, I also use the emotional pain to block out the physical pain.

Do I need to see someone about this? (No niggling from the peanut gallery)

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