The Passing of a King

Michael Jackson (1958 — 2009)

The Peter Pan who had to go before he got a chance to grow up

I don’t remember the first time I heard his music. I don’t remember the first time I watched one of his videos. All I remember is that I spent my life completely entranced by his music, fascinated by his dancing, and terribly sorry for his very publicly troubled life. And I remember laughing at my brother who, when he was as young as five, stole our mother’s surgical gloves and walked around with one on, insisting that the maid feed him at mealtimes so that he wouldn’t dirty the glove.

For all the drama and the controversy that surrounded his life, nothing can take away the fact that he was the most consummate entertainer in the business, and he was the driving force behind everything that made pop music what it is today.

Be in peace, Michael. You truly are the King.

michael jackson

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