The last lap

Or is it?

TEFL is now 75% over. With only one week left, it’s mind-numbing to think about having even survived thus far, and what an impact the program has had on everyone. Flora is now possibly at risk of bronchitis, Gabriela has to try not to laugh (a damn near impossible feat in our class) because it makes her cough too much, Elspeth is becoming increasingly (and surprisingly) frazzled even though she’s probably doing the best out of everyone at the practice teaching sessions, and Benjamin has simply become impossible to deal with. And I? I have to shut down intermittently throughout the day so that I don’t end up screaming for silence or taking too many trips to the bathroom to cry.

You know you’ve felt the true extent of the misery of living with people when every (actual or potential) emotional meltdown has to take place in the bathroom.

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