The Idiot’s Guide to BERSIH 2.0

Just when I thought I was at a loss as to how to put into words the way I feel about the unadulterated (and ridiculous) madness that is this country’s government — and what the rest of the world thinks of it — this just totally wiped out all the confusion, bewilderment and irritation. Sometimes, you just have to find something to laugh at, which, in this case, can be found in the bottom half of the page (blatant hint because I’m just too amused by it: Najib). Nevertheless, the humor displayed doesn’t take away the gravity of what could happen tomorrow and how to deal with it.

On a side note, someone please tell these Ministers that every turn they take simply ends with them shooting themselves in the feet, or digging deeper graves for themselves. Or at least, someone please just take one of them by the shoulders and bawl, “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU, MOTHERFUCKER?!”

2 thoughts on “The Idiot’s Guide to BERSIH 2.0

  1. unoisome

    Just because you used a cute little infographic to post your blog shows how stupid you think we are lady. First of – bersih 2.0 is a rally that have no objective because why? there was already one bersih rally a few years before… what was it called again oh shit – yeah bersih similar right. there was already a back and forth with the bersih commitee and the pilihan raya people. the issue raised in bersih 2.0 is identical in context to the first bersih rally if slightly different in objective phrasing only which means it is the same.

    The bersih 2.0 rally was ILLEGAL. because there was no permit given to hold the rally which in Malaysia is required and very simple to apply. It was not permitted because small business and the businesses located in KL is effected.

    1. Sandra Foo Post author

      dear Noisome,

      you must have been the one who Googled ‘fuck bersih 2.0’ to find this.

      i suppose it’s your word against the word of thousands of other Malaysians (myself included) then.


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