The Curse of Facebook

20 Facebook Personalities You Love to HateCLEO Magazine, November 2010

I miss the old Facebook. When I say ‘old’, I mean old; like back in 2004 when it was confined to only a selected number of U.S. universities (the University at Buffalo included), and we all had to use our [insert university name].edu email addresses to sign up for it. Photos were limited to only one — the profile picture — per user, and the Wall was this big yawning space where people could write above or below other people’s messages. Applications, Pages and the Like button were nonexistent.

Today, Facebook has become the new MySpace: far too public and teeming with stalkers. It has opened the floodgates for the repressed narcissists to make known everything that’s going on in their lives — from what they are currently eating to how they are currently feeling (most of the time they would be ‘bored’) — and brought out the narcissistic side of many others who never even knew they had one.

So when I came across this in the November 2010 issue of CLEO — a magazine I would normally never pick up unless I’m getting my nails or hair done (it was nails on that particular Sunday morning) — I was so tickled by it I had to post it here.

Not a single person reading this will be able to say they can’t relate to at least three of the Facebook personalities shown below, and every single person reading this will feel the horror of recognizing themselves in at least one of them.

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  1. The Reason You Come

    This is hella funny! I deactivated my Facebook account in October, partly because a lot of my friends were becoming too narcissistic for my taste. I so recognize a lot of characters from the article!


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