The curse of being a woman

A vicious cycle that never ends

If two people are seeing each other but are not in a relationship, is there some stipulation in the dating contract that the woman does everything in her power to make the man’s life unjustifiably easy? Is it a woman’s natural instinct to cater to him or is it just because he somehow just started asking things from her which eventually turned into a full catering service altogether? She may hate the thought of going out just to get groceries, but she will drive that mind-numbing 15 miles just to bring him food when he’s at work; she cooks for him when he’s sick even though she would never normally cook for anyone except herself; she forgets what movies she owns until he says that he wants to watch them and she has to dredge up from her memory who she lent them to so many months ago.

But when she huffs and puffs about not knowing where they stand and being stuck in that gray area, in the end she realizes that she’s really doing it to herself. He’s become so unwarrantably commodious in that little comfort zone she painstakingly built for him that he’s in no hurry to get out of it anytime soon to look around and actually think about where their little affaire is going, never mind that they’ve been seeing each other for a little over three months and each is well aware of how the other feels.

Which brings us to the question of why women put themselves through so much for their men. Whether or not they’re in relationships, are men genetically incapable of taking care of themselves, or are women just empathetic pushovers who actually like catering to the men? Do we really care that much, or are we just trying to see how far we can take it? And when we eventually do find out how far it can go, we’ll either be glad we went through all that trouble to finally get to where we want, or regretting that we put ourselves through so much just to end up in limbo. And that leads us to the most pressing question of all: How much is it all worth?

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