That Laugh, loved always

hong fei

“I waited for you all night; can you please show up more often? You really no manners wan lor!”

Every time we played mahjong, you would ask the ‘mahjong gods’ for this hong fei (Joker) tile, so that you could sek (eat/win the game). So now, this hong fei tile from my mahjong set is yours for keeps. I don’t know how and when I will ever be able to play mahjong again without seeing your empty seat at my dining table, but I know that I would give up all the hong feis in the world to bring you back.

I remember the times we snuck out in your car to Decanter, DV and Segambut for lunch and dinner so that I could vent about the difficulties I was going through. I will never forget those nights we stayed up playing mahjong and eating the world with Becca and Sophia. I will always smile when I think of the way you lit up any room with That Laugh. And I will always appreciate the way you so selflessly gave your time (and ears) to anyone and everyone who needed it, and never asked for or expected anything in return.

I think back to my time as a magazine writer, and I realize that even though we never actually worked together — unless clinging on to the same sinking ship counts — you were one of those closest to me during my stint there. Thank you for everything you taught me in the short three years that I’ve known you. Thank you for listening to me when it felt like everything and everyone I worked for was against me. Thank you for the love, laughter and hope you always inspired in me. You were taken from us much too soon, but God obviously needed you more, and I will always be grateful that He lent you to me for this short period of time.

Be in peace, my sweet, sweet friend. You will always be a winner in my eyes. You lived your life to the fullest, and there are few who can say the same for themselves. You may not have had the perfect life, but you tried your best to make life perfect for all of us. Your heart was so big that it could support us all, but it was just not big enough to support you too. I don’t know if I will be even half as lucky in death to see you again as I was able to in life, but I hope with all my heart that I will, someday soon.

Sleep now, and keep the angels happy with That Laugh.

I love you always.

– In loving memory of our precious purple unicorn, Yeow Mei Ann

purple unicorn

2 thoughts on “That Laugh, loved always

  1. rachel

    Hi, I am so sorry to hear about Mei Ann, knew about her passing through facebook, mind telling me what was the cause?


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