Tales from the Prophet


When asked about his impending concert this afternoon, Jason Mraz told Mix FM’s Roshan: “It’ll be a night full of peace and love all around.” And it was, if his music tonight was anything to go by. Ballads like If It Kills Me, Sleeping To Dream, Lucky (featuring a woefully talentless Malaysian singer), and a slower version of You And I Both were out in full force tonight, accompanied by old favorites like The Remedy and Geek In The Pink. I was happy that he performed Butterfly from his latest album, although I wouldn’t care a tinker’s damn if I never heard I’m Yours again.

The show was short and sweet, and it almost made up for the unrelenting, debilitating heat and dizzying lack of oxygen, forcefully reminiscent of the musical smörgåsbord that at least had beer and grass to sit on.

At one point, Mraz asked, “Who’s here tonight with their best friend?”

The audience screamed and waved frantically.

Then he asked, “Who’s here tonight with their best friend simply because they’re crazy in love with them?”

The audience screamed and waved again. I momentarily turned to stone.

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