Spring cleaning

It’s that time in my life again. That time when I feel the overpowering urge to really try and lose weight. The last time I really put effort into losing weight was about a year ago, when I was commanded to do so for Every Breath You Fake. It actually did kind of work, and since then, I’ve tried to eat as little rice and pasta, and as much vegetables as I can, although it has been extremely difficult, especially when I have a disgustingly sweet tooth and an addiction to caffeine.

But like most normal human beings, I despise dieting. Apart from trying to cut down on carbohydrates and sweets, I can’t bring myself to stick to a really strict diet regime. And even more than dieting, I despise exercising — except for swimming, which I only do when I go diving. With such laziness and lack of discipline in my way, I’ve decided that what really matters is not so much the weight, but the size, as that is all the camera will pick up on once my photoshoots and filming start again.

This time, however, I’ve decided to try a different method of losing weight: juice fasting. I did some research on the Internet, and I figured that besides trying to lose weight, I should probably do some severe detoxing as well, especially after my trip to Saigon and since my face started looking as though I’m reliving my high school years. So, for 7 days starting next Monday, I will be on a diet of nothing but fruits, vegetables and their juices. It will be difficult, I’m sure, especially when there is a Coffee Bean sitting smugly on the ground floor of my new office building. But the good thing about this new effort is that Lynda, Nana and Zuien (who is all the way in Bali but is being a sport and wants to try anyway) will be going on juice fasts too, so we may well be cheering one another on via Twitter.

Wish me luck!

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