Somebody sedate me

Shirley is in labor. Eddie is freaking out. Baby Aiden is on his way. Am bone-tired so will not go into the details, but suffice to say, he’s a-comin’, and five weeks early at that. Had to get off work early to file for SEVIS transfer to the Boston Academy of English, then go to Children’s Hospital, where Regina was already there with Shirley. Had gotten there at about 2PM, but spent the rest of the afternoon running around doing all the things that Shirley hadn’t thought to do because she didn’t expect Aiden to be here so soon. Now that Eddie is at the hospital, have managed to sneak in some time to come home, decompress, shower, have a good big cry from sheer exhaustion, and then go back to the hospital and be prepared to stay there all night in case her labor drags on until tomorrow. It doesn’t help either that it’s currently snowing like there’s no tomorrow.

Have been extremely out of it since coming back from Manhattan. Am not sure if it’s because am back from Manhattan, or the trip itself just made it worse. Was supposed to start organizing the apartment for packing this week, but am probably putting it off because the act of packing itself only serves to make everything real. And obviously now that Aiden is coming will not be able to do anything except rush back and forth between the house, office and hospital. It’s times like this when am fervently wishing there were someone around to help make it all a little easier.

Hurry along now Aiden, so that Mommy and Auntie Sandra can get some rest.

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