Society gone stupid

Did anyone wake up yesterday morning feeling slightly stupid(er)?

I felt like I was supposed to.

As early as 1AM yesterday, Twitter was exploding with the news that everyone’s favorite attention-seeker, Kim Kardashian, was filing for divorce from Kris Humphries, to whom she had been married for all of 72 days. Flooding in in direct proportion with the Tweets and Retweets on the divorce news were the Tweets and Retweets of mockery. Needless to say, everyone to the moon and back saw this coming. Everyone to the moon and back also saw this as the deal-breaker as far as any interest in and patience for the Kardashian circus was concerned (I left out ‘respect’ because I don’t know anyone who genuinely respects the Kardashians).

I will admit, though, that this exceeded all expectations I had for this marriage, not to mention the bets I wanted to place on it. I thought that someone who wanted to be married this badly would actually clock some hours trying to make the marriage work, but I suppose I was having one of those memory lapses and forgot that this was Kim Kardashian, after all. The woman — and her family — is nothing if not good at marketing herself, which is evident in her reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. One would be hard-pressed to look at her extensive résumé, coupled with her need for damage control, without thinking that this whole dating-engagement-wedding-divorce pantomime was really just that: a pantomime.

And then, in what seemed like a deliberate, and if somewhat panicked, attempt to not be forgotten, Jessica Simpson announced her pregnancy on her website mere hours after the divorce news broke. This after refusing by the skin of her teeth to say whether she was or wasn’t pregnant (although even the harshest critics couldn’t pass off that bump as fat), and after apparently demanding $500,000 for the monosyllabic (‘yes’ or ‘no’, you understand) confirmation. Turns out children are so expensive that even her billion-dollar business empire can’t cover the cost of diapers.

After deducing that so far no magazine had been dumb enough to actually cough up the money for said syllable, it dawned on me just how money-driven the entertainment industry has become. What with one celebrity after another offering up photos and stories of their personal lives for unspeakable amounts of money — and even the Malaysian celebrities (a term I use loosely here because anyone with half a brain knows that there are no real celebrities in Malaysia) having the audacity to pull the same stunt — and the public feeding the frenzy for this fodder, it has become so easy to forget, or disregard, the fact that almost half of these people actually have some talent to speak of. In Becca’s words, “it is a reflection of a society gone stupid.”

And just for the record, if the Kardashian-Humphries freak show really wasn’t just a pantomime, and actual feelings were involved, then at least the dresses were hideous.

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