So I’ve gone and done it

“This will give us something to do after work instead of just sitting around and stuffing our faces and crying over men!” – Becca

exerciseToday I joined a gym, for the first time ever in this country. We had only planned to check out the place, even though we had been talking about joining a gym for months now. In the end we admitted to ourselves that we could only have a think and feel about it for so long, so we decided to sign up right there and then before laziness overtook us and we put it off yet again.

I had been asked before to join True Fitness and Fitness First, but that would put me at great risk of running into people I know, which was one of the reasons for my ambivalence about joining a gym. But now, with the one I’ve joined, which is supposed to be one of the quieter ones, hopefully I will be able to work out in peace. I really want to take the RPM classes, because I took spinning for a short while in Buffalo and liked it, and the good thing about this gym’s RPM classes is that they’re conducted in near-total darkness. “That way nobody can really watch you struggle!” Becca said brightly; she, on the other hand, refuses to try it.

So let’s see how long this stint lasts. Admittedly we probably wouldn’t have signed up if there hadn’t been a current deal for people who sign up in pairs, and if the Terms & Conditions hadn’t been so flexible. Nevertheless, it really is time for me to get back in shape, as I haven’t worked out since I graduated (and lost the privilege of using the school gym for free as a student), and I’m really beginning to feel rather disgusted about not taking care of myself.

Now I just need to get a new pair of shoes, after Old Faithful got lost during the life overhaul.

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