The weird thing about going into a brand new year is that it’s the one time a year when the feeling of change hits more powerfully than at any other time. Whether it’s in trying to do better, trying to live a more positive life, or just trying to remove negativity from one’s life, the will and resolve to do it seems more potent in the first few weeks of a new year. I used to think of it as a clichéd notion — until I did that myself.

I suppose it’s one of those circumstances where, unless I physically removed certain things from my life, I would always be plagued by the emotional effects that still lingered. Whether by my overactive imagination or merciless memory for details, there were too many things that had transpired in the last 22 months that I needed to purge from my brain and, it would appear, from my phone.

So today, I made the conscious decision to cut off everything and everyone whom I have associated with this emotional canker. And miraculously, knowing that I will most likely not (I know now not to say ‘never’) have to deal with the resentment, contempt and bitterness again brings with it a curious feeling of lightness and liberation. I would say that in this instance, it is very much a case of “out of sight, out of mind”.

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