Snakes on a Crosby

Finally went to Binghamton yesterday, which was admittedly pretty fun. Su Yen did not come along in the end, as she wasn’t feeling well, but had company to Binghamton and back nonetheless. Left Buffalo at about 1:30PM, and after making two stops, finally arrived at Binghamton University at about 5:30PM. The show started a little late, and it was opened by a professional acappella group called the Ex-Boyfriends, most of whom were Crosby alumni; they sounded really good, but their performance took about 45 minutes, which was extremely annoying as everything was behind time. Was still voiceles yesterday, so could only be a bass, which was fun as could learn the bass parts. By the time it was intermission it was already 9:30PM, so decided to come home then, because if had stayed for the rest of the show, would have left Binghamton at 11PM at the earliest. The other Pitches stayed on for the show and the party after, and some of them came home this morning. Will have rehearsal later at 5PM, but only until 7PM, praise God, as have homework to do anyway and am really not in the mood to sing.

Am terrified that the voice won’t come back in time. Have never been voiceless for so long before; it was usually two days at the most. This is the fourth day that am voiceless. As Maddi said, will have to stop speaking entirely. Please God the voice comes back by Thursday at the latest.

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