Shopping for a cause

Yesterday was the Mikka Green Eco Bazaar, held at Kaiyisah’s home, to raise awareness and promote environmental-friendliness. Despite the heat and fatigue of having just returned from Boracay the night before (plus an extremely blond moment which had me wondering aloud what in the wide world a TMP was and which Afham dispelled with a patient “It stands for Tengku Mahkota Pahang — I think”), we got ourselves out to Taman TAR, Ampang, to join the festivities.

The effort that went into the planning and setting up of the entire event was beyond commendable. From sorting out old clothes, shoes, jewelry and books to be sold for or donated to charity, and hunting out other organizations that work towards promoting environmental awareness to aid in the event, to just putting that much passion into a cause that will always have to be kept alive down through the generations, Kaiyisah and her friends really started off with a bang to be heard all around.

By the end of the day, I came away with two very cute organic cotton T-shirts, some pretty jewelry, cupcakes made by Raindough Desserts, and the Mikka Green eco bag. If there were ever a good excuse for shopping, this would be it.

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