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Last Friday I attended a press conference for the On Hong Encore Concert Live in Malaysia — apparently a follow-up of sorts to a first concert by Andy Hui Tze On and William So Weng Hong some years ago — as a representative of my company, who was one of the sponsors. My most vivid memories of these two Hong Kong stars are from watching their TVB serials, which aired at 6PM on TV2 back in the ’90s. When I was first asked to attend the press conference for the concert, I was apprehensive and reluctant, because I was not of a mood to be out for any events, and I knew whatever press that would be there were from the Chinese media — until it dawned on me that Hui and So could actually be there.

They’re really quite a bit smaller in real life than they appear onscreen. And they’ve aged very well, bless their plastic surgeons, considering they’ve been in show business nearly twenty years now. I was fortunate to be sitting right in front, not twenty feet away from the stage, so I was able to take fairly decent pictures of them (using Eza’s camera, because I, naturally, can never remember to bring my own anywhere).

I must admit I was a little starstruck, because, despite having seen the likes of Alicia Keys, Jason Mraz, Brian McKnight, Linkin Park, Coldplay and OneRepublic perform, and despite having met Snoop Dogg, I had never seen any of the Hong Kong stars live — particularly ones that the closet Chinawoman in me actually happened to like.

After all that, I was quite severely reprimanded by Eza and my boss for not taking a picture with them. And even though a colleague offered to take one for me, I couldn’t work up the courage to tap them on the shoulder and ask for a picture.

on hong 001

on hong 002

on hong 003

on hong 004

on hong 005

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