Got a call from Sofiya on Tuesday, which was really nice as had not spoken to her on the phone in a long time. Have missed her a lot since she went to London last September, and the great thing about us is that no matter how seldom we talk, we always somehow manage to catch up.

As usual, was talking to her about relationships past and present, and ended up telling her about own relationship which has been wired to a timebomb. Upon hearing that my relationship will end due to the mans’s reluctance towards long-distance, she asked a brain-racking question:”So, if he goes home, why don’t you go with him?”

Why not, indeed?

The one thing everybody dreams of doing but never really dares to do. How much are we willing to sacrifice for the ones we love? It’s all very well for us to say, “I love you with my life,” but when it comes time to choose between love and life, where is the line to distinguish between the two? If one can’t exist without the other, then how do we compromise so that we get both? And if we can’t compromise, and have to give one up, which one would it be? According to Sofiya, “You may be giving up your dreams if you go with him, but at least you’ll have him.” Admittedly, she made sense. But then once we’ve decided which one to give up and which one to keep, then it becomes a gamble, and regardless of what we choose, it’s a gamble for our own lives. There can be no room for regrets, or ‘buyer’s remorse’, or even a shadow of a doubt that we made the wrong decision.

As have mentioned before, one of the greatest ongoing battles ever fought in the history of mankind is the one between the logical side and the emotional side of the brain. No matter how hard or how bravely they fight, the emotional side somehow ends up winning most of the time, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but things may just be better if the logical side had won in the first place. Now the emotional side of my brain is inching towards going home if needs be, and the logical side is planted firmly on American soil. And once again, no marks for guessing which side I’m on.

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