Nothing less than butterflies

“I’ve had a taste of ironed pillowcases and I’m not going back!” – Susan Delfino, Desperate Housewives

In early 2007, Christian Louboutin released an updated version of one of its classic styles, the Pigalle 120 pump, going from the famous 5″ stiletto heel so coveted by women all over the world, to a more ‘sculpted’ heel which, although still 5″, had the look of a lower heel. The original heel, mostly widely coveted in the black patent version, was produced in such small batches that in the end most women opted for the sculpted heel as a consolation pair because the waitlist for the original heel was too long. But there were some women who adamantly kept their names on the waitlist, patiently waiting for the call that would tell them that their shoes had finally arrived, because even though there were other variations of the style — the Clichy, the Decollette, the Mia, and the Pigalle’s ‘sculpted’ heel — everytime they looked at them they thought, It’s just not the same.

It’s human nature to refuse to settle for second-best, to harbor that determination to get what we’ve set our sights on and try our best not to just give up and pass it off as a lost cause. But if all we end up doing is banging our heads against the same brick wall and reopening old wounds, why do we do it? We’ve had plenty of opportunities to get ourselves out of this predicament, but instead we chose to stay in it and just… wait. And even when we’re presented with other options that may or may not be better than what we essentially want, we stubbornly turn away from them and continue to wait. Is it a case of I Want What I Can’t Have, or is it really that worth it? Or is it faith — faith that if we try and work hard enough for it — even though it’s been almost a year and the prospects seem terribly, heartbreakingly bleak because we keep smashing into that wall — and believe for once that the tide really could turn and that this could be a turning point in our lives, it will eventually come to us and everything will be all right?

It’s times like that, when we have everything going for us and yet more options laid out before us, that we are reminded of that certain little Something that’s missing. And in that instant, we know that we would give up everything we already have in exchange for it.

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