Published Works

It recently occurred to me how much work I’ve had published over the years, especially since I became a full-time journalist and then tapered off into part-time writing after. And yet, whenever people ask me where they can read my work, I give them feeble answers along the lines of “Oh… somewhere in The Star… once every two weeks… if you subscribe to the paper”, or “Well, you can’t anymore, because I left the magazine three years ago…”

So here’s my attempt to put together as much of my published works as possible. So far these are only a few selected interviews from my column in The Star; it’s going to take a long time for me to go through two years of magazines and see which ones I should make public. I will only be putting interviews here, because they’re the only pieces worth reading anyway, and these interviews are with the people who are actually worth reading about. There are many more that I don’t have, because my editors simply don’t have the time to go digging up my old stories just to send them to me in PDF.