Pitchip: The Beginning

Went to the Chips’ house last night for our Chips & Pitches (‘Pitchip’) dinner. We never ever do anything that involves only Chips and Pitches, so it was Rich’s idea to do this. Everyone was there except Ryan Gentner from the Chips, and Anna — 22 of us in total. The guys brought every table and chair available in the house to make one LONG dinner table. Was a lot of fun, and ate a lot too, after which everyone went downstairs to the living room to hang out, and ended up singing each other’s songs. Was rather funny that the Pitches know the Chips’ songs a lot better than the Chips know the Pitches’ songs.

Am turning 22 tomorrow. Although with all the nonsense that’s happened in the past couple of years, it feels more like turning 82.

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