Pet peeves

1. When driving, quickly decide which lane you want to be in. Don’t leave the bloody signal on for ages and not actually switch lanes. And it’s not called the fast lane for no reason; step on it!

2. Don’t bring your kid into any restaurant/store/mall until s/he’s at least five years old. That way nobody will be run over by strollers that are being pushed around by your kid, and nobody’s conversations will be interrupted by the constant clanging of silverware against flatware.

3. If it wasn’t meant to have an s, don’t put an s; if it was meant to have an s, don’t put in a z. LOL is fine, but please leave the S’s and the Z’s out of it. And nobody says, “Oh, wells,” let alone types it; it makes no damn sense. You’re a grown-ass man/woman. Type like a bloody adult and spell it the way it should be spelt, for fuck’s sake. And leave the apostrophes and vowels where they should be; don’t be lazy.

4. There, their and they’re. You’re and your. It’s and its. Get them right, you fool. N, u, ur and u’re are not acceptable; that’s a no-brainer. Again, you’re a grown-ass man/woman.

5. Don’t use the N-word unless you’re from a race that’s allowed to. You watch too much TV.

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