Perennial standstill

boredIt was a typical Tuesday morning. I was in relatively early, for the first time since I came back from Singapore nearly two weeks ago, and I was excited for the latest issue of the newsletter to be delivered because it had a new layout. At a little past 10AM, I was done clearing my Outlook inbox and was about to get on The New York Times website when —

It took me almost a minute to realize that even though all the lights had gone off and taken my computer with them, the music from Puteri Gunung Ledang: The Musical was still playing raucously from someone’s computer. So I got up and walked around the office, and discovered that my computer and two others’ were the only ones that had died with the lights; the other fifteen computers were happily humming away.

I was again a victim of lawrus sodimusSod’s law.

Fortunately I keep a set of (very thick) books in my desk drawer, for light reading whenever I get bored or need some time away from proofreading dishwater-dull fund reports. So I decided to read until the power source my computer and the lights were connected to had been fixed. As it turned out, I would spend the rest of the day reading.

By 12:30PM I was so restless from not being able to do anything else except read — which got rather tiresome after a while because I had to do it in semi-darkness — that I decided to while away my lunch hour, and then some, at Pavilion. At 3:30PM, after I had felt guilty enough about staying out so long, I trudged back to the office, only to discover that the power was still out, and likely to remain so through tomorrow.

And so this trumps the day I hosted the RHB-Horwath 2009 Budget & Tax Planning Seminar as the most unproductive day I’ve ever had on this job. Not for nothing, though: in order to avoid further brain death, my Macbook will go to work with me tomorrow; if I could get away with it I would spend the day working from Starbucks at Pavilion, which could also result in the spending of more money but would at least make my day more productive than today.

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