On trial

Finally went to watch The Dark Knight today; had been waiting two weeks in order to escape the barbaric madness that ensued after the premiere. Thank goodness it wasn’t all that manic today, and it seems like Singaporean audiences are a tad more civilized than the unwashed masses back home. The movie was really good; Heath Ledger was everything the critics and audiences said he was, and Christian Bale was Christian Bale. But I think my favorite actor in the movie was Gary Oldman, whom I’ve always put on a pedestal along with Johnny Depp and Cate Blanchett. The role of Commissioner Gordon had always seemed insignificant to me, until Gary Oldman was cast in it, because he put so much life and character into the part and he made it look like for once the man actually was doing his job instead of just standing by the Batlight (or do they call it the Batsignal now?) and letting Batman rope the delinquents in.

And I did nothing else all day but look at ridiculously overpriced T-shirts saying things like If you can take the shit, I can take the pain and Miss Boobjob, get the Charles & Keith shoes that Eza wanted, and read the newspapers at Starbucks until nearly 10PM. Yes, I’ve started reading the newspapers again, even on a weekend, because my job demands it. And no, I haven’t really felt like hanging from the shower rod yet.

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