Oh, that face!

Is has become the common consensus among the Pitches — and more recently, the Chips — that nobody is more facially expressive than I am. The only emotion that have ever been able to mask is sadness, but have never really been able to adopt a poker face when encountering something that does not sit well with self, like when am at Pitches rehearsals and am subjected to a certain new girl’s ridiculous comments and actions that make her appear at least five years younger than she really is. And this was made clearer than ever at this semester’s PitChip auditions, when the entire audition process was spent with the head down and a face that ranged from looking completely blank, to politely incredulous, to utterly appalled, and was completely unable to feign being the tiniest bit impressed with any of the auditioners (am very very rarely impressed with anyone who auditions, anyway, so feigning it would naturally have been impossible).

Well, I’m sorry, but if you suck, I’m not going to pretend you don’t.

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