Not good enough

The voice is half back. Apparently the vile-tasting concoction called Airborne, prescribed by Anna, Maddi and Avian really does help; is now no longer a great effort just to talk, even though am still sounding hoarse, and can at least hit the alto notes now, if not soprano yet. Will spend the entire week living on porridge, boiling hot water and tea, and Airborne. Hopefully by Wednesday will be able to hit the soprano notes again. Was ready to sell own soul last night to get the voice back, because was feeling completely useless during rehearsal, as am not allowed to talk or sing until the voice comes back. It’s rather like being a runner with a broken leg.

Have just learned that the Choir will be singing at the February 2 Ennio Morricone concert in the United Nations General Assembly after all. So am probably going to Manhattan on January 30, as rehearsals begin the day after, so will have at least a day to go around the city and shop before getting into rehearsals. Will be staying until February 4, a total of five nights. Am very excited about it now

Am graduating this week. Have a final due today and a paper due tomorrow, then the Choir concert on Thursday, and after that the life as is known to self will be over. Will have to get serious about looking for a job after this week, and hopefully get one by the time the OPT starts on February 1. Have sudden horrifying image of self sitting on the sidewalk with a sign that says Will Sing For Food.

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