Not even six degrees

Up until I came back here a year and half ago, I had completely forgotten what a discomfittingly small world it can be, especially in this country. And apparently, the terrifying smallness of it can lead to rather unfounded conclusions.

Me: Do you remember that time we ran into my high school classmate at the Terrace Bar?
Afham: Maybe…
Me: You know, we ran into his brother at BarSonic, who was your classmate in Sunway College.
Afham: Oh, yes. That. Why?
Me: I think my classmate’s ex-girlfriend is Rick’s* sister.
Afham: Rick who?
Me: Oh, you know! Rick Chang.
Afham: Oh, yeah, from school. Wait, how do you know Rick Chang?
Me: I met him through Jason’s* sister. I only got to know him better after I came back from France.
Afham: What do you mean by ‘know him better’?
Me: We used to talk quite a bit, but then after that I went to the U.S. and he went to Australia and we lost touch. We spoke every now and then, but not for a few years now. And then I ran into him at D’Haven a few months ago.
Afham: Oh… So you guys used to date then?
Me: (pause) I’m not really sure how ‘know him better’ translates to ‘used to date’, but no, I never dated him.

Assumptions, I ask you.

*Names have been changed to prevent potential awkwardness.

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