No time for grieving

Wish were not so wide awake that am unable to go back to sleep. Have no idea what to do now until can go back to sleep (well, there is homework, but that can wait); might go to the mall later. The house looks bigger and more spacious now, with the piano where the mans’s computer used to be. Have the entire closet to self now, so can spread out the clothes more evenly, and have more hangers at disposal. Will be weird to sleep alone again, as have not slept alone for more than a year, but will get used to it by tomorrow, probably.

The voice is still not quite back yet, and have approximately 33 hours and 37 minutes to get it back in time to sing in Binghamton tomorrow night. Am not going to talk at all today — if possible — and, like last semester, am going to drink scalding hot water and tea all day in an attempt to coax the voice back to life. Fortunately the Pitches are only doing four songs in Binghamton, one of which am doing vocal percussion for anyway, and the rest of which am not on any parts alone, so even if am quasi-voiceless, will be inconspicuously so. Hopefully Su Yen will not bail at the last minute and decide not to go to Binghamton, or will be driving home at ungodly hours of the night alone.

Also, am going to Maddi’s house tonight for no apparent reason, as am not allowed to touch a drop of alcohol and have no voice anyway.

Next week will be the Pitches’ bake sale, and am really not looking forward to it. Hate bloody bake sales, as cannot bake anyway and is extremely annoying going around trying to force cookies onto unwilling passersby. The only good thing is that for some strange reason these bake sales end up bringing in a lot of money, so will have to suck it up and bear with it. Thank God the concert is next week; am not in a capacity to spend a minute more than necessary with the Pitches, and am secretly glad that Lila — the new Soprano 1 — will be going to the ICCA Quarterfinals with them on February 3 instead of self, who will be in Manhattan.

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