My quiet, quiet weekend

It’s been a while since I spent an entire weekend at home. It’s actually been quite pleasant, probably because nobody’s been around except the maid, and except when my mom comes home at night after work. The silence, being something of a rarity in my house, is always welcome whenever possible.

The good thing about being at home all weekend, besides catching up on a lot of sleep, is that I could let my face have a little break from the constant makeup and just breathe before entering the five-day routine again. And I managed to clean up my room — or just make it tidier — and start reading the Philippa Gregory books I bought a while ago but never had time for because I was finishing up my previous round of literary purchases. And I got to watch what I wanted on TV, instead of fighting for channels with other people.

I should start doing this more often — only when I can be alone, obviously — even if it leaves me with nothing but my own thoughts, which can be a little difficult sometimes.

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