My practical touchstone

“You’ve been doing this more than a year. It’s like a bad habit. And you must handle it the way you handle all bad habits: you just stop completely.” – Loga

He intimidated me a little when I first joined this company. He’s loud, very boisterous, and never hesitates to give anyone a piece (or several) of his mind if they deserve it — and it’s safe to say that all of them do. But he was the one most willing to teach me everything he knew, even though it was in Advertising & Promotions, which wasn’t what I was supposed to do, and even though he is a manager, he is the one most willing to learn anything that could benefit him, right down to the proper use of a word or putting an end to using an incorrect one. And for that, I came to respect him and regard him more highly than I do anyone else I work with.

Because when times get rough, he is the one who remains calm and talks everyone through a crisis. He is the one who will think to sit you down and ask how you are, and actually mean it. He is also the one whom I can always count on to take that last shred of reality that always seems to abandon me, and drill it back into my head, before I let my own disillusionment get the better of me.

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