Movies in Vermont


Olivia: I lie in bed every night and play our relationship over and over in my head like a movie. We meet, we fall in love, we can’t stop ourselves, we’re meant to be, I give up everything inside me, and then it stops. The movie just stops! I don’t know how it ends! It’s just me, waiting for a house in Vermont that I can’t live in and a man who makes me promises he can’t keep.

Fitz: I am not the bad guy. I am not the guy who lured you into some degrading… I am not the bad guy.

Olivia: I know that.

Fitz: You want this to be easy, you want this to be simple. It is not easy, or simple.

Olivia: I know that.

Fitz: So you can’t just stand here staring at me with dead eyes like I’m some… This didn’t just happen to you. I didn’t happen to you.

Olivia: I know.

*     *     *

I won’t lie; Scandal hits just a tiny bit too close to home these days.

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