Maybe it's just water weight

“Real women snort when they laugh, they’ve got fat arses, wobbly upper arms and get PMS.” – Christina McKinney, Ugly Betty

They say Asian women are built to be small and skinny. I’m the exception to the general rule. A hellaciously glaring exception that will be made even more glaring when I step off the plane at KLIA in April.

The one thing I love about this country is that Caucasians are so much bigger-built than Asians that to them I’m thin as a rail (“Sandra, you’re going to go home to the heat and lose 20lbs you don’t even have!” If Shaina only knew…). The one thing I hated about going back to Malaysia for the summer was being made to feel like an elephant compared to the seemingly waif-like girls in their XXS-sized tank tops who make men/boys go weak at the knees. Apparently big bones don’t count; you can have bones the size of a baseball bat and people will still pass you off as just plain chunky. Thank God for the empire waist.

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