Lucid dreaming

lucid dreaming

I thought of nothing else today
So I closed my eyes and began to pray
I prayed that if it was supposed to be
Please bring it here for me to keep
But if it was not good for me
Then take it away and set me free

After I prayed I fell asleep
And slipped into my lucid dream
I dreamed of how it could have been

I dreamed it through a rose-colored screen
Given time, this dream will fade
And then — only then — I’ll be OK

It’s been long enough, I think — not that I should have been counting in the first place. Whether by two days or two years, it’s been long enough. I needed to know if there was a reason for all this to happen, a sign that it might be good for me or meant for me, but now I will admit that it was all merely a dream — the kind of dream that makes waking up feel even more unreal than the dream itself.

But thank you for letting me dream again. It’s time for us to wake up now, because I know that no matter how long this dream lasts, it’s only in this dream that we’ll live the life we always dreamed of.

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