Labor relief

One of the good things — or possibly the only good thing in times like these — about this country is the vast number of public holidays it observes. They cut into the work week and make it shorter, especially during Chinese New Year and Eid, which take up two days and make going to work not even worth it. But for those who choose not to waste vacation days, here’s why it’s OK to go to work during a short week:

  1. The week goes by much faster and work doesn’t seem so excruciatingly long.
  2. Nobody can be bothered to go to work so it’s quiet all around.
  3. The traffic report on the radio announces that the roads are clear, making it the shortest report ever, as opposed to the usual, “The NKVE is backed up as usual from the Damansara toll… The Besraya Highway is currently congested due to an overturned truck in the left lane… People, please be normal, do not slow down to look because you’re holding up traffic…”
  4. Roads like the Federal Highway and Jalan Tun Razak, which are absolutely uncivilized on normal days, are clear and it takes a mere 20 minutes to get from Subang Jaya to downtown Kuala Lumpur.
  5. Nobody can blame you for not getting work done, because everyone is aware that everyone else has taken the entire week off.
  6. You have that many fewer days to deal with the stupid, lazy, irresponsible people.

Unfortunately, there won’t be many more short weeks like this for the next few months, until Eid rolls around again. So we will take comfort in the fact that most of this year’s public holidays are on Mondays and Fridays.

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