Is this it then?

The concert is finally over. It went really well, much better than the last two, as it was much more organized and not as unbearably long. But then when it came time to hit and hold and high note in Seasons of Love, the voice broke completely, and had to stop singing, which left self mortified beyond belief and ready to bawl the eyes out. Shannyn had to tell the audience after the song that had been sick all week and had just had the Choir concert the night before, hence the bungled job. Thank God Walking on Broken Glass was right after Seasons of Love, so was able to redeem self from the initial humiliation. Right before the song Shannyn announced that it was my last show because I had graduated, and Maddi came out with flowers. Was left feeling rather sad that it was the last show for self.

Went for dinner after the show, and then to Shannyn’s house for a sort-of after-party; ‘sort-of’ because the party wasn’t really for the Pitches, but more for the Frisbee Team. The Binghamton Crosbys were also there, because they sang at the show, and nobody was really paying attention to them because nobody really liked them anyway. Hung out with the rest of the Pitches and some of the Chips who were there, and was only at the party until midnight, after which went home and went to bed.

Also, Marcus came and took pictures of the Pitches getting ready for the Winter Concert to put in his portfolio.

Tonight is the Chips’ show, and will be going for that, as the Pitches are dancing for them when they sing Justin Timberlake’s Sexy Back. Have no idea how that’s supposed to work out, but it was Johns’s idea. After that will be the real Chips and Pitches party, so that should be more fun than last night’s party.

After four and a half years, am finally done with school! It’s been an extremely long trudge, but now it’s all over. And now must scrounge for a job, which will hopefully not take too long. Am really hoping to get a job in Buffalo, as the only friends in existence are in Buffalo, and really cannot imagine packing up and leaving anytime soon.

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